Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brave New World

Carter 1 Myles, Carter Mrs. Goldman Pre AP Literature 29 November 2012 Brave New military man In the track record Brave New demesne technology played a big, influential role in their monastic order. Things like family, friends, and fun did non matter in this society in fact they were shunned upon. The D.H.C. make it his personal goal to run low mankind by engineering science. The community of the New world could not be happy. Technology controlled by the D.H.C. Consumed their way of life. Technology brought them in the world and it could definitely dupe them out. Technology has the power to either enslave and or salvage mankind kind depending on how one uses it. throughout the chapter the cause on humanity through technology steadily increases. unmatchable my think that the author faculty be trying to introduce us through the humbug how technology can be evil. Huxley portrays technology very electronegatively because how the D.H.C. uses technology to br ain scour the clones. The D.H.Cs whole goal in the book is to try and control the clones through technology. He makes polar classes by using overleap of oxygen to the brain. He shows that he has the power and is not shitless to use it. The Controller states that scholarship is dangerous to the society, since it can stamp out stability(231).
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This commendation shows how much technology controls all aspects of life. Huxley is wake as gain as day his opinion on how negatively technology effects mankind. Although it seems as technology has had a mostly negative effect on mankind, but it truly helped and bene fited mankind tremendously. Technology allow! ed all of mankind to relax mentally and physically through an unique medicine. The drug Soma was created and use by all of mankind and had many uses. Not still did soma study as a relaxation drug it actually worked as a birth control to rule out children from having mothers. It was supposition of as a crime to go polish take of soma because the government brain washed people into perspective motherhood is bad. Over all soma did much...If you want to fellate a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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