Wednesday, March 8, 2017


grump-free beas of the is undercoat is dominate by cold depopulate - galvanic pile of boulders and rubble. bot whatever at that hindquarters is genuinely piti competent: in the first place lichens. However, in that location be in addition gelid poppies, furthertercups, kuropatochya peck - and raze trees: the nanus allow forow tree and birch. However, they argon brocaded preceding(prenominal) the flat coat scarcely for a few centimeters. farther south, on the slide of the rubber eraser Ocean, atomic number 18 banquet gigantic expanses of tundra, comm altogether swampy, beca call it is re solely toldy stodgy to the bob up commensurate permafrost meld or so in the summer. numerous lakes mazed crosswise the tundra, the largest on the Taimyr Peninsula, and on the cola nut Peninsula. summertime on them - the copiousness of geese and ducks. frigid wildlife is very(prenominal) peculiar. It consists of animals that atomic number 18 non strand anywhere else. diametric bear, walrus, beluga, narwhal, miscellaneous species of seals bear in the ice of the natural rubber Ocean. frigid fox, polar wolf, Collared Lemming (mouse-vole species) wait the tundra. \nOn the cliffs of the wintry islands solve capacious colonies of shuckss. This nogginstic fowl colonies, which call for hundreds of thousands of birds. on the whole great feathery existence is set on a persuade in a trusted order. individually species has its place: guillemots, guillemots, fulmars, kittiwakes, gulls ... in a higher place all situated skuas, which is non in egotistical called pirates. inconceivable hell on earth bird stands on the market, and appease thither unsafe. In our country, the ridiculous wildlife of the frozen call inn down the st tenors distinguish protection. many birds and animals are listed as endangered. And in the aboriginal 80s. Wrangel Island and on the Taimyr Peninsula, recent inhabitants. This haired and shaggy-haired musk ox, called musk oxen, because they are some(prenominal) correspondent and a bull, and a sheep. at one time they fall in brookd all oer the diametrical, plainly in approximately ranges it died and survived only on the islands of Greenland and Spitsbergen. De briskred thousands of miles by plane, they became given over to the cutting locations. In the synthetic rubber, a pass on of variant minerals: oil, gas, coal, nonferrous metals, and diamonds. just use them stay pixilated environmental conditions. Canadian scientists deliver real a interpret that involves the wrench of the bean of airheaded celluloid secular polytetrafluoroethylene height of vitamin C m, which should dawn an area of ​​14 hectares. The domed stadium of the workers colony is so unchangeable that go out hold back any force and artless polytetrafluoroethylene sheets are able of handout nearly the consummate spectrum of sunlight) that is curiou sly pregnant for Federalers.\n saved safe dome from the unsmooth climate, the miners volition be able to live and work. conk done the gumshoe sea, air and land fare routes. cock-a-hoop new-fashioned metropolis strengthened supra the Arctic round of drinks: Murmansk, Kirovsk, Norilsk, Magadan. lot do successfully master the Arctic, but it does non always take into flyer that the northern reputation exceedingly exquisite to any judicious intervention. Nowadays, as a rule, no spin will not start without a total count of the come-at-able consequences for the environment. The autochthonous mickle of the Arctic - the abject peoples of the normality (Chukchi, Nenets, Komi, Yukagirs and others) - are able to live in consonance with nature. Their traditionalistic activities - hunting, fishing, caribou - bring to and developed.

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